Concession motorways - M5, M6

Engineering services

M5 motorway

In Hungary, we (the ARUP-UTIBER Consortium) were the first to undertake the role of independent engineer for a section of the M5 motorway built under a concession scheme (17+400 – 173+895 km). To this day, we have been acting as the independent engineer to control operation and maintenance activities. Moreover, as technical inspector, UTIBER is participating in the construction of road 445 (Kecskemét northern bypass) and the related interchange on the M5, the new rest area near Hetényegyháza, as well as demolition works for the existing Hetényegyháza rest area. Engineering duties concerning major repair works on the M5 (17+400 – 173+895 km) have been assigned to Út-Teszt Kft.

20 km renovated

30 km
left carriageway construction

39 km
of new 2×2 lane section


rest areas


M6 motorway

During the construction of the M6 motorway, UTIBER assumed the role of independent engineer on the M6 Tolna LOT 2 section (109+700 – 141+300 km). Subsequently, UTIBER has been overseeing repair works covered by defect liability and – since 2016 – operation and maintenance activities on the M6 Duna and Tolna sections.

65,1 km long

58 structures (incl. 3 viaducts)

8 interchanges

4 rest areas