Main road 8, Várpalota southern bypass and Várpalota-Hajmáskér sectionn

Design services

The completion of the Várpalota bypass on main road 8 allows motorists to travel between
Székesfehérvár and Veszprém on 2×2 lanes, while the investment also enabled authorities to raise
the speed limit to 110 kph. Furthermore, the new stretch of road relieved the city from considerable
traffic, and might accelerate economic development in the area. As part of the project, the local
government of Várpalota assigned UTIBER Kft. with drawing up designs for the recultivation of
the nearby waste deposit.

Main road 8, Várpalota southern bypass
Phase I: 23+900 – 29+700 km
Phase II: 29+700 – 33+100 km – Pétfürdői interchange
Chief designer: Út-Teszt Kft.,
Waste deposit Recultivation designs: UTIBER Kft.

9,2 kmlong


2multi-level road interchange

multi-level railway crossins

structure for road above railway




Main road 8, Várpalota-Hajmáskér
I. ütem, phase I: 33+100 – 39+600 km sz.
II. ütem, phase II: 39+600 – 43+785 km sz.
Főtervező | Chief designer: Út-Teszt Kft.

10,6 km long

2×2 lanes

2 multi-level road interchanges 2 multi-level railway crossings