Engineering services

Important areas within the operations of UTIBER include the management of implementation, the oversight of the complete construction process, and engineering consulting services. Our highly-trained professionals verify all conditions required for the commencement of works. They check the competence of the contractor, the quality of materials and products to be installed, as well as the conformity of construction procedures and technologies. As far as infrastructural projects are concerned, UTIBER is capable of fulfilling independent engineer’s duties. We were the first in Hungary to fulfil these duties in connection with the M1 and M15 motorways, as well as the sections of the M5 motorway built under a concession structure.

Main engineering activities:

Civil engineering

Most often, our civil engineering works take shape in the development of transport- and urban infrastructure. We frequently participate in the realisation of various high-speed road sections, rest areas, main roads and urban transport investments. In addition, we engage in the construction of tramways, connecting- and bypass roads, bike paths and fuel stations on a regular basis.

Environmental protection, water- and waste management

Contributing to the protection of the environment through our investments and developments is a top priority for UTIBER. Therefore, we actively engage in the re-cultivation of solid-waste management systems and decommissioned landfills, similarly to the construction of sewage treatment plants, sewer lines, drinking-water networks, flood-control systems, river regulation facilities, and ports.

Engineering structures

Building bridges and overpasses always poses a vast and exciting challenge. We are pleased to have been a part of several projects of this sort throughout the years.

Management of railway investments

From feasibility studies to usage permits, our team of engineers fulfils complex engineering management services that cover all fields of construction regarding greenfield- or existing rail infrastructure development and reconstruction jobs.